Assisting struggling writers shouldn't feel like you're missing the beat. With the help of the Rockstar Writers program, it's never been easier to transform those reluctant writers. Perfectly paired with your current stage of teaching, the Rockstar Writers program ensures you get the best in continuing education. In fact, since Rockin Resources is already trusted by over 100,000 other educators, you can rest easy knowing you have lifetime access to a proven step-by-step system. Let's amplify how your students learn writing. Join in the Rockstar Writers Revolution now! 



Pick your custom bundle (sold seperately too) for step-by-step training, mini lesson videos, and proven materials to totally transform your instruction and your students' writing. Let's turn those Reluctant Writers into Rockstar Writers! Soon you will be singing the "Writing Is My Jam" chant with me and accepting your educational ROCKSTAR AWARD!

Hall of Fame 

  • 7 Module Rockstar Writers Course - teacher and homeschool training - that includes a Progress Monitoring bonus. ($129 Value)
  • Interactive Notebook Writing Program wih your choice of grade level. ($100.44 Value)
  • Student Version Rockstar Writers Course ($99 Value)
  • Exclusive portal of resources ($149 Value) 
  • Access to private Facebook Group for support with extra guidance from Pam. ($$$ priceless - our community ROCKS) 
  • Valued at over $500
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In need of a totally ROCKIN' FULL YEAR writing program with everything included?  

Do you already own the Step-by-Step Writing Bundle with Interactive Notebooks?  


  • 7 Module Rockstar Writers Course - teacher and homeschool training - that includes a Progress Monitoring bonus. ($129 Value) 
  • Student Version Rockstar Writers Course ($99 Value) 
  • Exclusive portal of resources ($149 Value)  
  • Access to private Facebook Group for support with extra guidance from Pam. ($$$ priceless - our community ROCKS)  
  • Valued at over $400
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Fit for True Rockstar Educators!

Step-By-Step Guidance

Stop second-guessing your lessons! It's never been easier to know exactly what both you and your students need when it comes to writing instruction. Pam knows what works.

With the Rockstar Writers e-course Pam virtually walks you step-by-step through all forms of writing for you to create true ROCKSTAR WRITERS

Proven Results

Not all writing programs are created equal! Don't waste any more money "testing out" resources. Get a custom program for your grade level that offers proven success.

"Hands down best resource. My students love writing time and I do too! It is truly a complete writing program. Writing instruction is easy to understand and so engaging."

 Community Support 

Everything is better with friends! Join a band of ROCKSTAR educators that will encourage and support you along your journey transforming reluctant writers to rockstar writers!

There's no more "Living on a Prayer" in this private Facebook community. Get all of the support you need to shine on the writing stage!

 Exclusive Resources

With the Rockstar Writers Backstage Pass library you'll get VIP access to our vault of resources exclusively available to Rockstar Writers. 

  • Additional Training Videos
  • Exclusive to Course Members 
  • Downloadable Resource Library


A Comprehensive Course To Strengthen Writing Instruction 

Calling all educators and homeschool parents! It is time to gain confidence in teaching writing! Discover all of the modules, segments and mini-lessons included in the ROCKSTAR WRITERS ecourse below. The course will give you ALL the tips and strategies to ROCK YOUR WRITING INSTRUCTION! 

 Why Rockstar Writers?

As a master teacher, I spent over 26 years in the classroom designing and perfecting my step-by-step writing program. I've passed this same system along to thousands of educators. It has been tested in countless classrooms around the world with life-changing results for these learners. Now, I'm excited to give you the opportunity in the form of training. You will learn these same strategies so you can confidently guide your learners and transform reluctant writers with my Rockstar Writers continuing education program. 


What to expect from Rockstar Writers?

With the Rockstar Writers Course, you will have access to the newest trainings and strategies for the best educational rockstars out there!

Throughout the course, Pam provides instructions and strategies for each mini lesson. She also walks you through a modeled essay within each type of writing. Using her proven system, Pam shows you what works best and how to modify each mini lesson for that type of writing. 

You're not stuck in the chaos and confusion of teaching writing alone. With the help of Rockstar Writers, you will have lifetime access to the course and a private Facebook group to set the stage for the ultimate writing performance. 


No Child Left Behind 

Let's face it, every rockstar teacher needs a break from time to time and your rockstar writers aren't always present for your lesson. Enter the Rockstar Writers Student Version to save the day! Just pull up the mini-lesson video that day and let me do the teaching for you!  

1 : What is a Student Version?

 2: Example


Discover the Difference with This Proven System!

Get the teaching tools you need for writing success! Wow! With scripted lessons, you will not have to second guess what to say! With the differentiated interactive notes, students will have a ROCKSTAR WRITER notebook of their own! Check out the oodles of the materials included! It is all there for you!

1 : Materials

2 : Vision

3 : Differences 

Units included:

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In addition to our custom bundle training programs, Rockin Resources offers a variety of specialty tools based on your individual educational needs.

Rockstar Writers Course

Get the best in online professional development with step-by-step guidance from master teacher Pam Olivieri. In this 7 module training Pam guides you from start to finish on how you too can confidently teach writing and transform your learners. She provides effective tips and strategies to motivate even the most reluctant learners!

$129 | SIGN UP

Mini Lessons Student Version

Grab mini lessons just for your students. Learners go over 5 units of writing all taught by 26 year veteren teacher Pam Olivieri . Have a sub or just need a break? It's easy to just pop on these lessons and kick back knowing your students are getting the instruction they need. 

Which Grade Level Works Best for You?

Click below for an explanation of the differences and similarities of the grade levels and combination bundles. View the progression chart of skills from grades 1-8.